Raquel, her mother, and her son on greeting card style graphic with words reading "Happy Mother's Day"

Thank you Mamá

We celebrate all strong mothers and mother figures every day, but especially on Mother’s Day.

My Mother has always been my supporter and my own personal cheerleader. She is there for me, and for my siblings every step of the way. Although she doesn’t live nearby anymore, we talk every day. I do not take this for granted. I know that not everyone has this opportunity.

The moments I shared with my mother and grandmothers have helped me in my path of being a mother.

My Nana Lolita represented what it meant to be a loving, strong, and invisible woman as she raised her five children on her own. My Nana Tinita defined how to be respectful and mindful of others. My mom is a combination of them two and I seek to be a reflection of all of them in my role as a mother.

As I knock on doors in Legislative District 30, I have had the opportunity to meet many single mothers who are succeeding all on their own. I admire their strength and tenacity to balance work and caring for their families.

Sign up here to join my fight for mothers in LD 30.

I have also been able to meet immigrant mothers who traveled to America with their children. They sacrificed their lives in search of a better life for their children. These are the stories I carry in my heart.

In our community there are educator mothers who lead the #RedForEd movement. These mothers are not only fighting for their children, but for all our children.

The leadership of mothers in our campaign has proven that we are all in this together for our families. Two of these leaders are Heather and Miriam. Soon after Trump was elected, they decided to become involved in our community and my campaign because they wanted to make a difference. They wanted to be part of the resistance in their own way. They bring their children along to knock on doors in our community on a daily basis and share why they want to be part of change.

Are you willing to become a sustaining $10.00 monthly donor to help me fight for all mothers in LD 30?

Thank you to all the mothers that give everything of themselves to make the world a better place!

¡Feliz Dia de Madres!

Raquel Terán

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