Did you catch Raquel on NBC Latino?

Dear Supporters:

We are almost 100 days away from the August 28th Primary Election, only 75 days until early voting begins, and our campaign’s momentum continues to build!

Just last week, Raquel  was featured on NBC News: In Arizona, several Latina progressives, Democrats run for local, state races

“We have gone through a lot. The infrastructure is there now, we’ve been working for this moment for many years,” she said. “From getting people like Russell Pearce out of office in 2011, to exposing the anti-immigrant sentiment of SB1070, we’ve been organizing around that. We ousted Joe Arpaio in 2016.”

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We are excited about this coverage, and it makes it  just that much more important that we reach voters in LD 30 to let them know that in Raquel, they have a champion who will fight for them.

My number one priority is to get Raquel to the finish line – but we cannot do it without you!

Here are three ways to get involved:

Become A Monthly Donor


Join Final Signature Push

And please reach out to me with any questions.

We appreciate your continued support of our campaign!


P.S. We are in our final push to gather nomination signatures. Join us this weekend to knock on doors!


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