This May Day, Let’s Make It About Our Educators…

Friends, family and supporters –

Today is a special day where we honor labor, laborers and their families in appreciation for their sacrifices. It is their ethic, drive and values that are the backbone of this country. May Day is a celebration which helps us to reflect on this country’s foundational value of hard work.

Those same values are reflected in Legislative District 30, where I am running to represent you as your Arizona House Legislator. Coming from a hardworking, border town in Douglas, I witnessed first-hand how people sacrificed their lives to put food on the table. Today, I call LD 30 home, and I see those same values of work ethic, dedication and passion in the people that make up this district.

This also includes the hard-working teachers that make up this district. Their commitment that stems from their desire to shape minds and build the next generation of brilliant minds. As we acknowledge laborers and workers across Arizona, let’s also make sure that teachers are not only appreciated, but paid fair and just wages. By making sure that this segment of our labor force is competitive through fair compensation, we are making sure that the future of Arizona is in safe hands. Let’s continue to support our teachers in their efforts to seek fair compensation and an increase in funding to our public schools.

Ensuring that our public schools are well-funded is my priority as your candidate for LD 30.  Our children are the future of our country. I am committed as your future legislator is to advocate, protect and defend our children from attacks in our legislature. Not having proper funding in Arizona public schools undermines our ability to attract future business, expand our economy and provide sustainable economic justice to our communities. Fighting for children comes first.

So today, let’s continue to reflect on the labor that made this country the brilliant shining star it is. This also includes our wonderful teachers who teach our future. Supporting our public-school teachers is essential in securing a better future of our children.

In solidarity,

Raquel Teran

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