Are you Ready to Vote?

We are 30 days away from this August 28th’s Primary Election!

Are you ready to vote?

There are a two things you can do to prepare for this historic primary:

  1. Register to vote or update your registration- make sure your friends & family do it too!
  2. Register to receive a Permanent Early Voting Ballot.

It will take all of us to ensure great candidates like Raquel are on our 2018 November ballot. Take a couple of minutes today, to make sure you are registered to vote and that you receive your ballot via mail.

If you are already an early voter, ballots will be in the mail this week. I humbly ask you to vote for Raquel.


Remember- if you are eligible to vote this August 28th, you have till 11:59 PM AZ time on July 30th, 2018 to register or update your registration online.

Don’t forget to vote this August 28th!


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